Cleaning products
Cleaning wipes (100 pcs)
Clean with ease
Contains 100 pcs wipes
Wipes are easy to pull out
Perfect to clean LCD/TFT monitors
Also suitable for other surfaces
  • Removes dust, occasional dirt and finger marks from all types of screens
  • Special anti-static formula prevents dust accumulation
  • Designed for a non-abrasive finish
  • Instructions:
  • Before using the cleaning wipes for the first time:
  • 1.Open the top of the plastic bottle and cut the bag containing cleaning wipes
  • 2.Take the wipe next to the middle one and draw it through the cross-shaped outlet of the plastic lid
  • 3.Close the bottle again. Then, the wipes can be pulled one at a time through the outlet
  • Attention: Flammable
  • Contains isopropyl alcohol. Do not use near source of heat or flame
  • May cause eye irritation
  • If you get it in your eye, immediately flush the eye with water and contact a doctor
  • Keep out of reach of children
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