4-in-1 lens cleaning kit

  • Clean with ease
  • Specially designed for optics
  • Easily removes fingerprints and dirt from your optical equipment
  • Perfect for cleaning your camera lenses


  • 4-in-1 lens cleaning kit
  • Soft brush + air blower for removing coarse particles like dust or crumbs
  • Cleaning liquid for gentle wet cleaning
  • Microfiber cloth
Cleaning liquid: surface-active agent 4%, aroma essence 1%, water 95%
Contents: 20 ml

Wymagania systemowe
It is recommended to clean the screen only when it is switched off
Do not spray the cleaning solution on to the screen directly
Use the enclosed micro-fiber tissue to achieve the best effect
Keep the micro-fiber tissue clean and dry: wash it in a neutral detergent solution
Keep out of reach of children
Use within 18 month after opening

Zawartość opakowania
20 ml cleaning spray
Micro fibre cloth
Szczegółowe dane logistyczne
Ilość sztuk w kartonie96
Objętość kartonu0.061712
Waga kartonu, kg7.53
Wymiary opakowania:200x125x20 mm
Wymiary kartonu DxSxW380x280x580 mm
Kraj pochodzeniaCN
Kod kreskowy EAN8716309091978
Kod celny3402209000


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